Camera for the pocket

Folding. Smart. Auto-Follow.

Autonomous pocket-size drone with auto-follow feature


Follow me

Turn on the auto-follow mode to record every moment of your movement.

Obstacle Avoidance

instantly maneuver around walls and tress using built –in infrared technology.

High resolution camera

Instant video, audio and photography with 15 megapixel camera

P2P Streaming

Watch live from a remote smart phone or tablet device to get instant videos with no delay

Instant take-off + Landing

takes off from your palm with one button activation.


weighing only 140g. its highly portable, conveniently fits inside your pocket.*it is FAA regulated you do not need license to own or operate Drofie!

#Drofie is a life-style not just another camera!


our passions. your hobbies. your experiences. define who you really are; and you shouldn’t sacrifice fully living. EVER!.

I always wanted a drone that is small and have all the features i want, also in decent price, i couldn’t find. what i found was either expensive or doesn’t have all the features i wanted or maybe have bad reviews, that’s why we decided to develop #Drofie. it’s colorful. its light. its small. its just beautiful and fits neatly inside your pocket.

Imagine pulling a camera out of your pocket, throwing it into the air and having it follow you around, capturing everything you do. Well, that’s exactly what #Drofie does. The beauty of this auto-follow technology means that you can be directly involved in all the memories you want to capture. You won’t be the one left-out holding a camera (or in this case flying a drone) but right in the center of the content that you want to create.

Mohamed Ghaith,  CEO & Founder

#Drofie is so cute and colorful.

We’re a team of design & programming folks, we made #Drofie colorful just for your elegant taste.

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